Why GeoCentroid?

We have experience in the domain for over twenty years for a reason.
We focus on our customers and delivering exactly what they need to be successful.

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Our Experience

We have collective experience of more than 50 years in the domain. The knowledge and skilled pick-up along the way help us in utilising in the project helps in assisting our client better.

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Quick Responsive Customer Service

We believe that communication is one of the main key to success. We ensure that we response to your queries or enquiries within an hour or 12 hours at the most. Further, we ensure that the project delivery is done as per the schedule. In-time delivery is what we have been delivering and strive for.

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Our Accuracy

We have rigorous QC and QA process – 4 eye check quality management system. We adhere to ISPRS, ASPRS, BSI, RICS and PAS standard.

We are proud of our quality standard and constantly keep updating to stay on top notch. This, we strongly believe, set us apart from others.

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Data Security

We believe that in today’s world DATA IS THE NEW OIL. Hence, we have strict data management system led by our IT team. We maintain strict protocol on data confidentiality, data back up with constantly updated Geocentroid ISMS protocol.

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Innovation is one of our organisation values. We always keep up to date with latest trend and technology. We always encourage and practice indulging with new things. Our R&D team constantly thrive for challenges which allows to come up with various innovative solutions and ways to keep our service offerings at its peak.

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Resource Expansion

We have partnered with top HR consultant and inhouse HR policy helps us in meeting the resource requirements. This allow us in scaling up and skilling of resources as when required with ease. So whatever our client requirements – big or small projects, we are always ready.