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Ortho Processing

Orthorectification is a process that corrects for geometric distortion inherent in remotely sensed imagery to produce a map-accurate orthoimage. Orthoimages can then be edgematched and color balanced to produce a seamless orthomosaic. This orthomosaic is accurate to a specified map scale accuracy and can be used to make measurements as well as generate and update GIS feature class layers.

Input and Deliverables

Ortho Processing Input

  • Digital imagery - Can be in the form of a digital airborne image, scanned image or satellite imagery.

  • Aerial Triangulation and related project set up files.

  • DTM - Digital elevation of the earth, not including the elevation of any objects on it. This is also referred as bare-earth elevation. The bare earth DTM dataset is used to produce the orthoimage and orthomosaics.

  • Area of interest, tile Boundary ans Output GSD (Ground Sample Distance)

Final Deliverable

  • 4-BAND (RGB + NIR) and 3-BAND (RGB) orthoimagery

  • GeoTIFF

  • ECW (Enhanced Compression Wavelength)

  • MrSID image formats in standard

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